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My name is Gary Woodcock. I have over 30 years of professional experience in management and software development, with numerous achievements in software architecture and design, system testing and validation, hardware/software integration, consulting services, project management, product development, and business operations. I've held executive and management positions in both startup and established business environments, and I've been an integral participant in three technology company acquisitions.

Unthinkable Research is a Texas limited liability corporation (LLC), of which I'm the sole owner and employee. I realized early on that the range of jobs that I could take on was too restricted with just me to do the work. I began building a network of contacts comprised of talented and proven independent software developers whose abilities complemented (and often surpassed) my own. This network allows me to pursue larger development opportunities and to tailor a development team to a particular project, something that's often difficult to achieve with a traditional consulting firm.